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Stuffed bread in the frying pan

For dough:

400g farina
A tablespoon of sugar
A tablespoon of bread yeast
A teaspoon of candy yeast
4 tablespoons of oil
Teaspoon salt
heat water.

For filling:

200 g minced hen
Two boiled eggs
Small onion and cloves of garlic
Three tomatoes
Pepper, to style
Metallic leaves
A bit salt
A bit black pepper
A bit turmeric
50 g grated cheese
Three tablespoons of oil.

In a bowl, combine the flour, sugar, bread yeast, confectioners' yeast, salt, oil and knead with heat water. Go away the dough to relaxation for half-hour.
Place the onions and garlic with the oil in the frying pan on the hearth, then add the chopped hen, stir. After that, add salt, black pepper, turmeric and stir. Add the chopped tomatoes, pepper, and mint leaves.
Divide the dough into 4 balls, unfold one and place the hen, egg and cheese combination, then unfold one other dough over the filling and shut the sides.
Place a frying pan greased with butter or oil on the hearth, then place the dough and flip on either side till it's cooked and served fortunately.

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