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Semolina cake

A cup and three quarters of semolina
The mushy one.
A teaspoon of vanilla.
A cup of sugar, or rather less, as desired.
1 / 4 cup of flour.
4 eggs.
A cup of oil.
Two tablespoons of baking powder.
A cup of milk.
A tablespoon of powdered sugar.


Place the eggs, sugar and vanilla within the bowl of an electrical mixer and beat all of the components collectively till utterly mixed.
Add the milk and oil and whisk the components collectively once more till we have now a liquid, easy, and light-colored combination.
In a deep bowl, we sift the semolina, flour, and baking powder, then add the combination of eggs and liquid milk to the bowl. Utilizing a hand mixer, stir all of the components collectively till all traces of flour disappear and we have now a cake of medium thickness and freed from any lumps.
We put together a tray of an acceptable measurement, grease it with oil, then line it with flour, pour the cake combination into it and distribute it evenly.
We activate the oven at a medium temperature and depart it till it's utterly scorching, then place the tray on the center rack and depart it for 35 minutes. The oven should not be opened throughout this time to keep away from the cake falling aside.
After time has handed, we do a doneness check by inserting a toothpick into the cake. If it comes out clear, it implies that the cake is totally cooked. If it doesn't come out clear, we depart the cake within the oven for a number of extra minutes.
After the cake is totally cooked, we take it out of the oven and depart it apart, coated, till it cools and retains its mushy and fluffy texture.
We beautify the cake with powdered sugar, then sprinkle it and serve it with a cup of tea or espresso. Take pleasure in.

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